Quick Big Tips: Editing Shortcuts

Quick Big Tips: Editing will show you keyboard shortcuts to save a lot of time. We use shortcuts for editing manuscripts, emails, text messages and general documents. By doing a quick and simple highlight, hold Command and X; you can move full blocks of text anywhere you want. Make sure you aren’t spending more time than necessary hitting the delete key and then rewriting somewhere else in your document. Use small shortcuts for copy and paste by using Command and C for copy and Command V for paste. These little shortcuts we take for granted everyday when we do work on our computers. But when you can’t figure out what keys to hit, or get confused it can be super frustrating. We’ve made several helpful small videos to showcase features of Apple devices.

Use Quick Big Tips: Editing to learn how to use keyboard shortcuts on the Mac to make editing easier and faster. Find other Apple keyboard shortcuts here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201236. Check out more of our Quick Big Tips by visiting Bit by Bit.

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