• How To Create a Memoji

    How To Create a Memoji

    We haven’t done a video in a while. So we figured today we’d start with how to create a Memoji! I’m sure your first question when reading this was “Ok what’s a Memoji?” and that’s fine. We are so glad you asked us! (even if you didn’t ask, you can continue to read and learn…

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  • Secure Your Social Media

    Secure Your Social Media

    Social media has become one of the primary sources of personal connection in more recent years. Everyone is on there, it’s a “free” source of advertising for small (and large) businesses, it’s how we find and connect with family all over the world, it’s where we share thoughts, photos, and opinions. It’s a wonder we…

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  • Customize Your Lock Screen

    Customize Your Lock Screen

    If you have upgraded your iPhone operating system to iOS 16, you have realized there are MANY differences. One of the biggest differences is how your lock screen works now. You have so many different customizations and each one is fun to play around with. All these customizations can be confusing though, and how to…

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  • Apple’s M1 & M2 Chips

    Apple’s M1 & M2 Chips

    Usually when new things come out we put out a nice little blast about it. This is a much bigger release than normal,so we wanted to make sure you understand everything there is to know before you make decisions. To do that, we figured we’d do something a little different. As we are sure you’ve…

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  • Quick Big Tips: Editing Shortcuts

    Quick Big Tips: Editing Shortcuts

    Quick Big Tips: Editing will show you keyboard shortcuts to save a lot of time. We use shortcuts for editing manuscripts, emails, text messages and general documents. By doing a quick and simple highlight, hold Command and X; you can move full blocks of text anywhere you want. Make sure you aren’t spending more time…

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  • Tips and Tricks for Traveling Abroad with Tech

    Tips and Tricks for Traveling Abroad with Tech

    Check out tips and tricks for traveling abroad with your technology from our very own guest writer, Anya Overmann. You can check her out here: https://www.anyaovermann.com/blog/tips-tricks-traveling-abroad-tech/ While most people aren’t considering travel during a pandemic, I took a different approach. I decided to escape the epicenter of COVID in the US, finally pursue my dream…

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