KNOCK/NOC Network Management

Your Network, Managed

When was the last time you updated your router firmware?

As an essential resource, your network needs to be as stable and secure as possible. Through our extensive experience with installing and maintaining mission-critical networks for our clients, we have learned the importance of constant monitoring and proactive upkeep. Let us shoulder the burden of watching your network around the clock, yelling at your Internet provider, and keeping up with the latest security updates. As a Knock/NOC subscriber, we do all the work while you enjoy the speed, safety, and reliability of a well-managed network.

  • Network monitoring. We pay attention to your network and see when it is up (or down) or when there is an issue. We keep an eye on any critical infrastructure: if your security camera system goes offline, wouldn’t you like to know?
  • Network remote maintenance at a discounted rate of $120/hr. We keep your device firmware up to date, we know the best time to run security patches, or when it’s better to wait.

Need your network managed? 

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