All-In Desktop Program

Desktop management is not an exact science – we don’t know when your critical project is due, or how quickly you need to respond to an email. So the best option we have to provide you that QUICK support you need is our All-In Desktop Program. Remote support in the days of COVID is great idea. We take care of the following things when we do support:

  • Watchman –  A hardware monitor that looks for software or hardware failures, hard drive issues, and things that might be ready to break. 
  • Sophos Endpoint – Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, and Web Protection software.
  • ID Agent  – Monitors your email address and personal information linked to that address online. Think you are being followed online? You are. Want to know when your private information has been sold on the Dark Web? We’ll give you the heads up.
  • Datto File Protection – Optional $10/mo Cloud backup solution. Got a college student? Get that data backed up. Do not avoid it.
  • Addigy / Datto –  Software that allows us to easily support your machine remotely.
  • Remote Support – Discounted rate of $120/hr 
  • Support can be done with an individual (2 computers with each additional costing $10 a month extra) or on the family level (4 users with 2 computers each additional users will be $25 a month)

Interested? Call us at (314) 400-7720

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