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  • How To Create a Memoji
    We haven’t done a video in a while. So we figured today we’d start with how to create a Memoji! I’m sure your first question when reading this was “Ok
  • Customize Your Lock Screen
    If you have upgraded your iPhone operating system to iOS 16, you have realized there are MANY differences. One of the biggest differences is how your lock screen works now.
  • Personalize Your Messages
    Quick BIG tips: Personalize Your Messages Have you ever gotten a message from a friend and all of a sudden balloons float up from it? How about those Happy New
  • Quick Big Tips: Editing Shortcuts
    Quick Big Tips: Editing will show you keyboard shortcuts to save a lot of time. We use shortcuts for editing manuscripts, emails, text messages and general documents. By doing a
  • Quick Big Tips: Screen Shot
    You may have already seen our Quick Big Tips: Editing to showcase some of the keyboard shortcuts for the Mac. There are so many shortcuts out there to help you

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